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“Your reading was a gift that has more value

than anything I have ever received.” - Steve


“Your depth of kindness and generosity of your time

and talent as a Medium made a lasting impression on all of us.

God has blessed you with grace, wisdom, and a truly amazing gift.” - Ella


“I truly enjoyed experiencing your event and saw firsthand

the power you have of conveying messages from beyond.” - Suzy 


“Debbie, you are unique and special; you are just trying

to help others along their journey – your gift from Spirit is

life changing for many.  You have inspired me

to learn as much as I can on this journey.” - Meg


“We all came away from our group reading with Debbie

feeling very much at peace. Debbie was amazing.

Talking with her was a life-changing experience

for each and every one of us”.  ~ Jen


"Thank you Debbie for giving me the closure I needed for so many

years. You are an amazing medium and such a warm person in general.

I'll never be able to thank you enough for bringing me such intimate

messages from my loved ones on the other side." -Crystal


"I must say last night was an incredible experience. I think I was the only

one there who had not done a reading before and I wasn't sure what to

expect. I was very enthusiastic about coming but must say I walked away

last night in total awe of you! The amount of detail and clear connections

you had with our loved ones was astonishing. I held 21 years of guilt

about my brother’s death and walked away last night feeling such an

incredible sense of relief that words cannot describe. It was truly a life

changing experience."-Lauri


"Thank you for the group reading. Had never been to a group reading

and was pleasantly surprised at the very accurate and personal touch

you had with each of us! Looking forward to another." -Barbara


"Thank-you again for a wonderful & insightful experience. I believe your

Mediumship is a true gift. Because of you, my life will never be the same. I

was amazed at the accuracy of our connection with my deceased loved ones.

You told me things NO ONE could have known. I truly believe you were in

touch with my deceased children. I left your house in a totally different place

than I entered. Because of your gift, I now feel at peace with the loss of both

of my children. I know they are safe and happy. That couldn’t have come

from anywhere else but your connection with them." -Peggy


"It was a true blessing and a great comfort to my soul to have experienced

the Spirit World through you. I was always skeptical due to my upbringing

and logical mind. Without a doubt, I believe. You have helped me more

then you will even know." -Mark


"Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us." -Robyn


"You are amazing. Each of us felt humbled and grateful to be a recipient of the gift you possess. God bless you, but then again He already has." -Steve

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