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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a Mediumship reading?

An Evidential Medium is an individual who is able to communicate with Spirit. This information, which can be unequivocally verified is the essence of a soul’s survival beyond this physical life. A Mediumship reading is a connection with a loved one who has passed and is in Spirit. it is “connection with the soul.” A Medium is a channel of communication with Spirit. Specifically, a Medium must raise their vibrations and open a channel to the Afterlife. This involves the relating of information through communication, through transference, and by using their 5 physical senses. Mediums believe that one of the reasons Spirit connects with us is to bring a sense of peace to those who are grieving. Spirit wants us to know that the difficulties we endure here on earth, such as the loss of a loved one, and how we cope and overcome the grief, will perhaps be one of the toughest tests of our faith.

While a Medium is simply a vessel/instrument for the information from Spirit, every reading is unique. In a recent interview, a well known Medium was asked, “When is the best time for someone to have a reading?” His answer was perfect! “When the client is open to the messages of whomever comes through”. All readings are significant in their own way. Debbie believes our own true gift in this life is to share our story with one another, if only for a short time, Everyone has a story. Debbie remains humbled by the clients that trust her to connect with their loved ones. She believes the impact of a message given during a Mediumship reading for a client that has suffered a loss cannot be measured or truly explained.


 2) What is a Mediumship Platform Event?

 Debbie’s Platform events are scheduled at various area venues such as private rooms in restaurants (with audience size of 50-100 people) and in theatres that can seat over 400.  Debbie will deliver random messages to audience members. As Debbie walks through the audience, she tries to provide as many readings as possible during the allotted time. Examples of a reading/message may include specific details, such as physical description, personality traits, characteristics, etc. This information can be verified by the recipient of the reading, or by 3rd party. The details contained in the messages will erase doubt of validity. Debbie’s messages are personal, specific, and comforting, providing evidence that connections with our loved ones continue after their passing.

While all attendees are NOT guaranteed a reading at a platform event, be assured you will come away from this experience with a much greater understanding of the fascinating world of Evidential Mediumship.

She is aware of the sensitive nature of every reading, particularly in a Platform setting, and delivers the messages in a respectful manner.

The Platform events that take place at restaurant venues typically include a buffet style meal, the cost of which is included in the ticket price. All of those details are specified on individual event pages.  


4) Can I prepare for a Mediumship Event?

Most importantly, come with an open mind and open heart! If you are closed with your thoughts and feelings and you are having the reading just to ‘test’ the Medium, your experience will be much different from someone who is more open. 


5) Does everyone at an event get a reading?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for every person at a Mediumship Platform Event to receive a personal reading.


6) Is there special training required to be a Medium?

We all have the ability to develop our intuition (psychic ability) Through knowledge and practice we can enhance our ability to hear our own ‘inner voice’. However, the ability to connect with Spirit as an instrument for transfer of information is a unique gift. We believe that Mediums are born to do this work. If you are born to be a Medium, you will not wonder if you are, you will know it.  As beautifully stated by Carl Jung: “From the beginning, I had a sense of destiny, as though my life was assigned to me by fate and had to be fulfilled.”

However, it is also important to note that Mediums are students on the earth plane, just like everyone else. There is a moral and ethical responsibility that goes into doing a reading, and all Mediums need to be aware of the responsibility that comes with that connection to Spirit. As quoted by John Edwards, ‘It is less important to tell others how gifted you are, than it is to know how amazing it feels to use your ability to help someone through a difficult situation.” As a Medium, it is truly humbling to bring peace for someone’s healing journey.. As Debbie stated in a recent interview, “To be able to touch the heart of another person when grieving is priceless”.

Although accreditation is not required in the U.S., Debbie Wojciechowski has studied extensively with internationally known and respected professionals in this field. She initially studied with a local teacher/mentor, she then applied to formally study with Lisa Williams. Following her training with LWISSD ( Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development), she obtained formal certification as both a Certified Medium and a Certified Master Teacher. The Certification required testing under strict parameters regarding her Mediumship abilities. Regarding her certification as a Master Teacher in 2014, Debbie was honored to be 1 of only 7 individual chosen internationally for this intensive program. It was an extremely challenging 7 month course which required weekly classes as well as extensive weekly homework assignments. This course was a serious commitment and included training in the History of Spiritualism, in-depth study of the after-life, and the development of curriculum for several spiritual related courses. Following completion of the intensive 7 month course, students were required to attend a final 2 weeks of focused training in L.A. and we were tested, tested, tested! Debbie will always be grateful to Lisa Williams, Internationally known Medium, for the opportunity to study under her guidance. She shall always structure her work by the ‘Proper Code of Ethics and Spiritual Principles’ and taught by Lisa Williams.

As a Certified Master Teacher, Debbie has the credentials to teach Mediumship..(She taught in L.A and locally.)

7) What is the best way to increase my knowledge in this area?

There are a number of excellent books on the topics of spirituality, life after death, developing intuition, coping with grief, and other issues associated with Mediumship. We have a suggested reading list posted on this site under the resources tab; we will be adding to the current list as we discover new books that we feel may be helpful for those interested in learning more.

Additionally, Debbie and another certified and credentialed Medium offered a class in Psychic Awareness in Baltimore in October 2018; the class was well attended and well received. We hope to offer more educational opportunities such as this - stay tuned!


8) Not everyone is a ‘believer’ in Mediumship. How do you handle that?

There are people that question the reality of contact with the spirit realm. Debbie believes that it is not her job to convince anyone to have a reading or to change a skeptical mind. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs. But as stated by Lisa Williams, ‘Don’t let your beliefs or opinions stop you from exploring growth and healing opportunities. An open mind can reap incredible rewards.’

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