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What is a Medium?

In the world of spiritualism, the term “medium” refers to a person with a psychic ability to produce phenomena of a physical or mental nature by communicating with spirit. Mediums are able to listen to and relay messages from the other side, as well as communicate with loved ones who have crossed over. In modern spiritualism, there are generally two types of mediumship: physical and mental.

Mediumship has changed and evolved significantly over the past 100 years. Most of the mediums that are well known today use mental mediumship. This is a communication that takes place within the medium’s consciousness. Alternatively, a physical medium is known as a “spirit communicator,” and typically involves manipulation of energies and physical systems. This sometimes involved the channeling of a spirit so that the medium enters a trance, where the medium allows the spirit to control their physical body in order to communicate directly with the living. This is distinct from possession, where control by the spirit is involuntary and usually unwanted. There are also other manifestations of physical mediumship, including raps, ectoplasm, levitation, and automatic writing. Many historically famous mediums practiced physical mediumship and utilized many of these manifestations.

Mental mediums channel spirits utilizing their senses as tools to receive messages. Most commonly, the mediums use clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. Clairvoyance, or “clear seeing” is the ability to visualize something that is not actually present; this typically occurs in the “mind’s eye.” Some clairvoyant mediums see spirits with a physical body and as if they are physically present; other mediums see spirits as a movie, or a photograph in their mind. Clairaudience, or “clear hearing” is used to describe the ability to hear spirit voices that are not audible to other people. Some mediums hear spirits as if they are sitting next to them; others state that they hear these spirits within their mind, similar to a thought. Clairsentience, or “clear feeling” is the most commonly experienced form of mental mediumship, the ability to sense physical attributes of a spirit presence. This may be felt through touch, smell, temperature changes, or breeze. Finally, Claircognizance, or “clear knowing.” We all experience this, to a certain degree, when we sense a ‘gut feeling’. This natural ability developed in human beings as a survival mechanism, to protect us from danger.

Debbie is a mental medium. She feels her Mediumship is a gift of clear communication from Spirit. She uses her five senses to pick up messages from the Other Side. Though she utilizes all tools discussed above, the strongest by far is clairvoyance, or clear seeing. Debbie describes her process as if she is watching a movie in her mind’s eye.

What is an “evidential” medium?

By definition, an Evidential Medium is an individual that is able to communicate information from Spirit and can provide you with evidence that these messages are coming from your loved ones. This “evidence” can take the form of a description of the loved one, or perhaps one of their particular characteristics or habits. It is information that can be verified by the person getting the reading, or sometimes by another friend or family member. The messages that Debbie delivers are evidence that connections with our loved ones continue after their passing.

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